Note From Home

This Melted my Heart……. These Smiles have so much Power…… even all the way across the Country.  Thanks Girls, I Love you all Bunches !


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  1. Bonnie Showman hammond

    Mikayla and Pattie are so special to many of us.Their smiles can make a many hearts melt.I know my heart melts all the time when I see their precious smiles.Those smiles and them holding hands in this picture is Priceless.We told them we were going to take a picture for brother and Da Jue and this is what they did.They just wanted you know how much they loved you.

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Note From Home !

This Melted My Heart when I saw it !!!!!!  Those Smiles have so much power….. even all the way across the Country ! Thanks so much…… Love You Girls !!!!  (See Page…. Note From Home)

1 thought on “Note From Home !”

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