We have gotten more Sponsors during our Flight (See Who they Are !)

I am late in getting to this …… but I want everyone to know how much we appreciate these Sponsors that have joined in to help support our mission during this Flight.  Our new Sponsors that have made Donations Are…….
  • Debbie Laycock

  • Bruce and Shelby Lineweaver

  • Peggy and Wayne Foltz

  • Bonnie Hammond

  • Chris Weatherholtz

  • Kevin Weatherholtz

  • Sharon and Pattie Showman and Mikayla

  • Roger and Lori from Santa Cruz California

Thanks so much to each of you for your donation to our Mission to Help Promote Charitable Flying !
(I will be soon, as time permits, be adding all these names to Our Sponsors Page !)
And Remember you can be a Sponsor as well…….See,  (Help Support Our Mission) Page

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