Back Home….. and What an Amazing Flight !

Hello All

     John and I rolled our wheels on the runway back at home base today at 2:00 pm sharp ! Johns Wife Barbara was there, My Wife Sharon, my little Great Great Niece Mikayla and all three of my Sisters, Pattie, Bonnie and Peggy…. Doug our Mechanic, Karen Culpepper and a Reporter and Photographer from the Daily News Record ! There was Balloons and Flag Waving and my Sisters and Mikayla had made us a Great Poster they was holding up as we taxied in !  This was a Happy/Sad time ……. very Happy to be back home with Family ….. and at the same time kind of Sad that this amazing Flight was coming to an end. The people and places that we encountered on this Flight was Amazing ! (I have used that word a lot in the past two weeks) ….  And it was quite an Honor for me to have experienced the Breathtaking Sites that we saw around the Country with my Great Friend, Captain John ……. I will hold on to the Memories we made on this Epic Fight in my Heart for a long long time !  I believe our goal of spreading Awareness about Charitable Flying was met…… we talked to so many people along the way that there is no doubt in my mind that many seeds were planted ! And even though our Flight is complete…… our Mission continues, our website along with the Flags we carried and the Hard Bound Journal documenting this Flight (Once Completed) will help to raise funds for Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic ! I will continue to be posting onto the website different things (including Video Clips) on a fairly consistent basis…. so continue to visit our website and please continue to tell others as well. And…… remember you can still help by making a Tax Deductible Contribution to a Charitable Flying Group of Your Choice…. and….any amount of 250.00 or more made to Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic gets one of the 30 American Flags we Proudly carried with us around the Country (As long as they last)…. just mention  Wings Around America !      John and I want to sincerely thank each and every one of you all for following us on our Amazing Journey !     Have a Great Night !

Angel Flight Mid-Atlantics website is

Check Out Page  “Day 16… Homebound”