Happy New Year from Wings Around America !


As we begin this New Year we would like to take this time to once again  thank all of you all for your support and interest in all of Our Adventures of 2015 !  As we begin this New Year we would like to Wish Everyone Health and Happiness and to be mindful of those around us that may not be as fortunate. As we get thru the Holidays we will be posting much more on Our Website….. (More from Our Flight around the Country to New Adventures of this New Year)….  So stay tuned and continue to Share Our Site with Friends and Family !

From the Team of ANGEL FLIGHT 2134….  Happy New Year !

Nevin Showman  and  John Billings



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year from Wings Around America !”

  1. Happy New year to you both!! It is always good to hear from you and catch up on what is going on. I hope now that Christmas is over I have a few days that aren’t busy so we can get together and get my flag.Again I did not save your phone number in my phone and have not had time to do anything but run! I am sure you are busy too and I am in no hurry since the flag is in a safe place. I got my memory flag with Cody’s picture on it and plan to get a flag pole in May to put out on his birthday May 27th. I have decided to keep your flag in the house to keep it nice and buy another one for the pole. I will be looking for your post and hope to see you whenever you have a day. Have a Blessed day, Betty

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