Thank You Art LaFlam !

Today, July 4th 2016 John and I were Honored to do a Fly Over of one of Our Great Local Citizens… Art LaFlam (A Vietnam Veteran) who on Many Special Days out of the year stands Proudly waving Our American Flag on a Bridge that crosses over Interstate 81 in Woodstock Virginia while waving to the traffic that passes  below and alongside him.  He has been doing this for many years…. in extreme heat, cold and rain. He in doing so Proudly brings attention to our Great Service Men and Woman, past and present, who have kept us living in the GREATEST COUNTRY on Earth. It is such a Great Feeling to see such American Pride !  This Day (July 4th 2016) was extra special for Art because he was joined on the Bridge by his 81 year old Brother ! (Also a Veteran) that traveled 11 hours to be with him ! (Art told me it was in his Brothers Bucket List to be able to do this)  We flew out the window one of the 30 American Flags that traveled with us on our Wings Around America Flight last year…… then, after the flight, we paid a visit to the Bridge and John presented the Flag to Art (Art said that he will fly this Flag every time he stands back on the Bridge)

Thank you Art for all You Do and Thank you to all Service Men and Women, past and present, that keeps us all free. Let us not forget that Freedom does not come free…. and…… take as many opportunities  that you can to Thank a Vet !

Happy Independence Day from John and Nevin…. Wings Around America


3 thoughts on “Thank You Art LaFlam !”

  1. What a beautiful story – it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Art and your brother, and John and Nevin. and thank you to all the Veterans everywhere. Pat, Strasburg, Va

    1. My Grandson is here from Lubbock Texas with his family. We were on 81 on the 4th and she got 3 pictures. Their twins are only 4 years old but they tried to explain why they were there.I shared your email with her and she was so impressed. Thank you for sharing I enjoy everything you post!!

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