Our next Angel Flight will be Thursday, November 3rd…….

     We will depart Home Base Luray at 0900 and head to South Hill VA…. from there up to Pittsburgh PA, then after seeing our Passengers off we will return home arriving back at Home Base Luray around 1330

Check out our website at  http://www.wingsaroundamerica.com

2 thoughts on “Our next Angel Flight will be Thursday, November 3rd…….”

  1. I really miss flying with you two fine Gentlemen in our friendly skies! What a blessing it is to be healthy but then that means I can’t be graced with your presence. So to remedy that, the next time you guys fly into my hub here in Norfolk, please let me know so I can “DRIVE” over to see you with my new eyes! God Bless you, my blue sky Angels! Lovingly, Tina Santee

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