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  1. Congratulations, John…I wonder if you remember I flew with you as tail-gunner, along with my waist-gunner, Sgt. Benjamin Montgomery and Lt. Thomas Bonna, as Navigator on April 10, 1945, at the West Po’ drop-zone. There was no reception and therefore no drop. We were still flying out of Brindisi at that time. Our B-24 aircraft was RCL, D-Dog. We were with Lt. Loser’s crew, but we subbed that night on your sortie. I was also with the 779th. Squadron, 464th. Bomb Group out of Pantanella Air Base with 9 missions, before transferring to the 885th. on December 10, 1944. Flew another 36 with this OSS Squadron. You might also remember an airman who played his mandolin, with a ground-crewman on guitar at the entrance to our camp at Castiglioncello, next to the ball-field.. “Twas I with Sgt. Frank Di Natale. It would seem you were born to fly and live it to the fullest. Keep up your great work.

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