4 thoughts on “Good morning everyone ! Check out this Amazing Video……”

  1. Richard D Olson

    Fantastic to see a guy who loves what he’s doing and to see him doing it great!!! Way to go John!! Thanks for posting Nevin.

    When John was flying with the 484th BG in WWII Sgt. Ben Turner painted nose art on some of the bombers over in Italy and he went on to become a well known artist in New Mexico. Many years later someone commissioned a painting by Turner and was somewhat PO’d when it was done within a few days. Turner told him it didn’t take him long to paint a picture but it took a long time to learn how to do it. Well, that goes for landing at 55 mph and taking the first taxiway to the hangar!

    1. Thanks for your comment Richard ! I am so Honored (and Lucky) to be able to fly with and learn from such an amazing man ! I think all you Guys are Amazing ! There is no better way to learn, I believe, than to learn from someone with experience

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