484th Bomb Group Reunion

     Captain John along with his lovely wife Barbara will be flying (commercially) to New Orleans on Wednesday September 13th to attend his Bomb Group Reunion. During WWII Captain John flew 14 Bombing Missions with the 484th Bomb Group (825th Squadron) and 39 OSS Covert Missions (HSSQ 885th)  The following picture is of last years Reunion held in Dallas Texas…….


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  1. Nevin, I cannot believe they had 40 vets at their last convention. Ten years ago we were lucky to have 10 or 15 at our 305th (8th AF) reunions so we “turned out the lights”. No more reunions. We do have a 305th Facebook page however. You and the Captain have not had any Angel flights lately. I miss your comments and pictures.

    1. Nevin, why does it say “Anonymous”? I thought it would have my name – Tom Creekmore. Or do I have to put my name in the reply? Tom

  2. John’s old group, the 484th Bomb Group will be lucky to have 8 or 9 veterans. But, we will have 8 bomb groups and maybe 35 veterans. Should be a great time seeing everyone again and visiting the WWII museum for two days. The Olson’s are looking forward to seeing you, John B. And Barbara!

  3. Congratulations, Captain John. I was with the 464th. BG and 779th. BS out of Pantanella from late October to early December of ’44, flying 9 missions with the Bomb. Group and 36 with the 885th. One of those sorties was with you. It was the night of April 10, 1945 to the West Po Valley. Our drop that night was not successful due to no reception, I believe or mayhap, bad weather. My log doesn’t specify. Does yours? It would be nice to know, just for the record. I wish I could attend, but, at 91, it ain’t easy……Enjoy yourself and God Bless you…

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