Wounded Warrior Flight

     Today we will be departing home base Luray and heading down to Roanoke International. We will be joining in with other  volunteer Pilots to take a group of our Wounded Warriors on a scenic flight (What an Honor this will be !) We will have a Pilots Briefing at 10:00 then be assigned our passenger/passengers. We will depart Roanoke taking them on about an hour long scenic flight around the area ending up at Smith Mountain Lake where we will land with lunch awaiting. After Lunch we will depart from there heading back to Roanoke.  (All of this is dependent on how soon these clouds we have here and down there get out of the way….. for this flight conditions need to be very good and very clear or it will need to be canceled).

     We are looking forward to this very much,  and what an Honor it will be for us to fly these Great Young Men and Woman who have given   so much to all of us while helping to defend Our Freedoms in these here United States….. The  Greatest Country on the face of earth !

4 thoughts on “Wounded Warrior Flight”

  1. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that the weather clears. You had a little traffic landing at Stafford yesterday. (Another plane) Did you flip a coin to see who would land first? Did you have some weather landing back at Luray?

    1. Thanks…. the weather did eventually clear down at Roanoke for the Veterans Flights. And as far as the other traffic at Stafford, we did not have to flip…. it was a Blackhawk Helicopter Hovering at the other end ! We had low clouds landing back at Luray so we needed to do an Instrument Approach….. as a matter of fact we had to make Instrument Approaches for all our landings this day. Thanks for your comments Tom….. we love them !

    1. Thanks Elaine…. the Skies finally cleared so the day worked out great, just a little delayed. Channel 10 Roanoke was there and I will be posting a link to that on our site very soon. This past week has been so busy and I am getting behind keeping everything posted ! And more is yet to come…. stay tuned !

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