Our Final Report Is Out…… Yes we did see UFO’s !

     I know it has been awhile since our flight down to Jamestown/Williamsburg on October 12th to investigate rumors of UFO sightings…. but after going over in detail all of the evidence we gathered we are just now releasing our FINAL REPORT, verifying the fact that UFO’s do exist !

     Following are some photos (taken by us and verified to be legitimate) from which we base our claims !  Take a look and use an open mind and then come to your own conclusion…….  (Please leave any comments below to let us know what you think)


With all fun aside, we really enjoyed our get together down at the Jamestown/Williamsburg Airport with the “United Flying Octogenarians” !  Requirements to be a member of this elite group are fairly simple….. You just need to have been flying as PIC (Pilot In Command) legally on or after your 80th Birthday !  (CLICK HERE) to visit their website.

So there you go …….. UFO’s do EXIST !

Please feel free to leave comments…… We Love Them !