Angel Flight tomorrow (October 26th 2017)

     Hello again from John and Nevin ! …….. tomorrow we will be heading up to Baltimore MD to pick up our little passenger “Zeq” and his mom, we will then fly them home to Norfolk VA. We have flown little Mr Zeq and his mom before….. following is a photo with them back in 2015 !

     We will be departing home base Luray around 7:30am….. You can track our flights on Flight Aware by entering our Tail Number (We have 2…. N9649B when no Angel Flight Passengers are onboard and NGF2134 when we do) Try it out, it is easy and fun !  (CLICK HERE) to go to Flight Aware.

     Have a Great Day all !……….  (PS: If you could…. share this post to help us spread the word of Angel Flight)  You can (CLICK HERE) to visit the Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic website.