Happy Thanksgiving !

We would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving from “Wings Around America” …… John Billings and Nevin Showman. (See you all on our next Flight ) 😊


8 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving !”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to Capt. John and Nevin and all those who fly with you. Thank you for the work that you do and for all the inspirational stories of your wonderful passengers. Pat, Strasburg, VA

    1. Nevin – Edinburg, Virginia

      Thanks so much Elaine 😊 We are so glad that we have been privileged to have met you as well and we hope we get to see you again in the coming new year !

  2. All the best to you both — John taught me all I know — the first lesson : When the Captain says ” betcha’ never saw this done ” …..you immediately pay attention !!…. ! ! ! Take care . I’m busy tracking you !


    1. Nevin – Edinburg, Virginia

      Walt, I have experienced that many times with Captain John in the past 1200 plus hous with him (he has taught me so much) Thank you for following our flights 😊

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