Double Angel Flight Mission tomorrow (Friday, July 13th)

Tomorrow we will be departing home base Luray around 7:50am heading for Pittsburgh PA. We will fly our passengers all the way down to Columbia SC (This was initially set up  as two separate Angel Flights, but no pilots signed on for the second leg so Captain John and I decided to do the entire mission)  Our total flight time in the air will near 7 hours. 

The story of our Angel Flight on Wednesday of this week has not been posted yet but I have attached the photos of that flight below…… On that flight we flew 11 year old Sam and his dad James from Beckley WV to Manassas VA. We were the second leg of a two flight that originated in Cincinnati OH with Angel Flight Pilot, Greg Frost.

We have another Angel Flight Scheduled for this Sunday, (the 15th) from Baltimore MD to Greensboro NC, so next week I will attempt to get caught up on posting the stories and photos of each flight!

Have a Great Day All and thank you so much for following our flights!

Back seat ready for 11 year old Sam and his Dad, James
Heading thru some clouds at 7000 feet on our way to Beckley WV
On the ground at Beckley WV waiting for our passengers
Captain John with Angel Flight Pilot Greg Frost, our passengers, Sam and his dad James, and Gregs co-pilot, David at Beckley WV
Angel Flight Pilot Greg Frost with his copilot David
Departing Beckley WV heading for Manassas VA
In and out of the clouds at 9000 feet on our way to Manassas VA (These clouds had some strong vertical winds within them)
On our way to Manassas VA with Sam and his dad James
On the ground in Manassas with Sam and his dad


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  1. There should be a special recognition for you 2 gentlemen and other pilots such as yourselves…No contest of any sort should be involved in this charitable endeavor. ALL should be recognized, equally!!! Thank God for the likes of you Two. Keep up your great work….

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