Our “Double” Angel Flight Mission of July 13th is now posted!!!!!

You can “CLICK HERE” to view the story and photos of our longest Angel Flight Mission of the year (7.6 hours)  Sorry this is so late being posted…. I really need to get caught up because over the week of Captain Johns upcoming Birthday (August 7th) we have a total of 8 missions scheduled!  Have a Great Day All!

4 thoughts on “Our “Double” Angel Flight Mission of July 13th is now posted!!!!!”

  1. You two are going to keep me busy on Flight Aware. I failed to mention that all three of us, Dole, Capt. and I are older than Old man Bush. He was born in 1924.

    1. Nevin – Edinburg, Virginia

      Yes….. he would be the kid of the bunch! (We are so glad you like to track our flights, it makes us feel like you are right there with us Tom!

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