Double Angel Flight Mission on Johns Birthday completed!

We are in Philly spending the night after 6.8 hours in the air today completing a Double Angel Flight Mission on Captain Johns 95th Birthday! Tomorrow we will wait for our passenger Elaine to finish her appointment and we will then fly her back home to Asheville NC, another double Angel Flight….. (making a fuel stop at our home base Luray)

Hope you enjoy our photos of the day (a more detailed story and photo descriptions will come later) ……. Have a Great Night All!

DSCN4223DSCN4224DSCN4225DSCN4228 (2)DSCN4232 (2)DSCN4234 (2)DSCN4237DSCN4238DSCN4239 (2)DSCN4240DSCN4241DSCN4242 (2)DSCN4248 (2)DSCN4250DSCN4255 (2)DSCN4256_LIDSCN4262 (2)DSCN4265DSCN4266DSCN4269DSCN4270DSCN4273DSCN4274 (2)DSCN4278 (2)DSCN4279 (2)DSCN4280DSCN4283 (2)DSCN4285 (2)

6 thoughts on “Double Angel Flight Mission on Johns Birthday completed!”

  1. Happy Birthday, John! Elaine & I are best friends & I have enjoyed learning about you through her.
    Thank you for your service during the war & beyond….to this day with Angel Flights!
    Kay Satchell

  2. Esther L. Jacobson

    What a thrill being on the flight with you three, it was great to see all the pictures, and so good to see Elaine with you all. I just loved the pictures, I could pick out Philadelphia and it was great , thank you so much for all you do, God Bless both of you always. Love & Blessings, Esther L. Jacobson

    1. Thank you Esther, it is always our pleasure flying Elaine……. it was really fun having lunch with her in our hanger on Captain Johns Birthday!

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