Another Double Angel Flight Mission tomorrow (Friday, August 1oth)

     Friday morning we will be departing home base Luray between 0930 and 10000 heading to Charlottesville VA to pick up our two campers we flew there last Saturday. We then will fly them back to their parents waiting for them in Pittsburgh PA.  This will make a total of eight Angel Flight Missions in seven days!

     Our double Angel Flight Mission on Wednesday to take our passenger Elaine back home from Northeast Philly down to Asheville NC had us dodging quite a few storms (we poked into and around the back side of one getting into Asheville).  Overall our ride was very smooth, landing at Asheville (with storms all around) at about 6:00pm. Then, after another strong storm passed over the airport, we departed Asheville in light rain and headed home (landing back home a little after sunset) Following are some photos of our flight to Asheville…… mostly of the weather.

     Our total flight time for Tuesday and Wednesdays four Angel Flight Missions neared 14 hours covering over 1500 nautical miles.

Have a Great Day All….. and thank you for following our flights!

Over Pennsylvania
Over Pennsylvania
Frederick Maryland
Deviating around a strong storm soon after departure from home base Luray. This was over the south end of the Massanutten Mountain Range and the photo is overlooking Massanutten Ski Resort
Strong storm over the Blue Ridge east of Augusta County……. according to the news, this one done a lot of damage on the ground during its peak
Strong storm with a very heavy downpour around Louisa County VA…… Look at that water flooding out from it! …….. no, wait a minute, that is Lake Anna!
Skirting around another storm close to Lynchburg VA
Stormy Skies….. Natures dangerous beauty
Heading back into the Beautiful Shenandoah Valley …….. the sun had already set, but was still reflecting off the towering storm clouds over around Charlottesville (another very strong storm)
About 20 miles out from home base Luray after sunset looking over the Blue Ridge at a very strong storm over Charlottesville……. absolutly beautiful!