Seventh and Eighth Angel Flight Mission within seven days completed Friday (August 10th)!

Our Double Angel Flight Mission on Friday (August 10th) completed…… This makes a total of eight missions in seven days!  It sure has been a great week celebrating Captain Johns Birthday!

(Stay tuned for Story, Photos and Video of our entire week of flights)……. as soon as I get caught up!

Have a Great Weekend!

DSCN4363 (2)
Our campers are safely back home after a week of camp!  Here we are with Romeo and Tony in Pittsburgh PA

8 thoughts on “Seventh and Eighth Angel Flight Mission within seven days completed Friday (August 10th)!”

  1. I’ll bet the boys just loved flying with you two. Did they say they wanted to be a pilot someday?

  2. Esther L. Jacobson

    Now you can both enjoy a wonderful and restful weekend, Thank the Good Lord for watching over both of you..Take care and happy flying.
    Blessings & Love, Esther L. Jacobson……Just want you to know, I am 88 years old and just had triple by pass, I am very Blessed as I came thru the surgery with flying colors, I am doing fine and feeling great.

    1. So glad you are doing well after your by pass Esther! Thank you so much for following our flights….. we love it! (and by the way, at 88, Captain John would say your just a kid!)

  3. Ralph Cavaliere

    You gentlemen never cease to amazing me, But now, let’s talk about brave Cessna. How did she behave in flight? I’m sure the cloud banks were intimidated by her. ( It’s not the place for this, but I believe the Flag was hung wrong. Shouldn’t the Blue Field be to the left of the building when coming in facing our ensign? I’m pretty sure my glass of wine toasting you two didn’t ruin my orientation. Please correct me if I’m wrong). In the meanwhile, congratulations are in order for all of you. Happy Birthday, Captain,”Buzz”, Billings. I heard about your little escapade.

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