These two ole pilots hearts have been melted!

This made my heart melt and my eyes leak as I read this wonderful letter Captain John and I each received from Connie and her mom Diane…. two wonderfully sweet Angel Flight passengers we had the privilege to fly in October, the 18th and 19th) 

Sir John & Sir Nevin,

Please Read: Hebrews13:2

I want to let the both of you know how much of a difference you made in my life. In just that short time, you left one heck of an impression on me. I was hit with several rare disorders and suffer a lot, too smile sometimes it’s hard, when I spend most my days feeling bad and not feeling like I have a reason to live. The moment the both of you arrived in TAC Air lobby my heart leaped with joy, people ask “Do you believe in love at first sight”? An absolute yes, I love my angels (John & Nevin) that God has placed on this earth to allow me to see and feel his presence, healing and love.

When we hugged, my mother and I both felt that genuine love, and the Lord telling me everything will be okay. You allowed me to smile and laugh again, which I haven’t done in a long time. You love, patience, personality and fellowship one word: amazing. You know how many days I just want to give up? In that plane with you guys allowed me to feel free, knowing that I can go high and higher in life, if I just hold on. Angel Flight 2134, provides miracles to individuals in need. Mr. Billings and Mr. Showman gives an agape love this kind of love gives a person a reason to live. I want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU again. I love you guys from the deepest, inner most part in my heart. I talk about the both of you all the time, and I cry when speaking. It wasn’t the John Hopkins hospital that gave me hope. It was the both of you. 49Bravo-Angel Flight 2134, wiggle your tail, another successful story.

As you pour out to other’s I ask that God continue to pour into you and your family. You have amazing wives, that’s willing to allow their husbands to sow into peoples lives. This makes your family rich and blessed. I no one ever told you before I love you two, more than you can ever know. Eternity and a day!!!

I was blessed to be able to entertain my angels unaware. (tears)


Consuela & Diane (October 18th – October 19th)

Along with this heartwarming letter, Connie and her mom had a very special personalized laser engraved crystal plaque made for each of us!!!! (In the picture below)

PS:  Hebrews 13:2 reads …….. Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.


Captain John, Diane, Connie and Nevin  



6 thoughts on “These two ole pilots hearts have been melted!”

  1. Phew! I feel humbled by the gratitude of this lovely young lady and her mother. While it is richly deserved for you “two ole pilots”, I understand how it melted your hearts. Thank you for sharing this story.
    Pat, Strasburg, va

  2. This is how we all feel about you John, Nevin, and your dear families. Every time we read your newsletters and see all those smiling faces, our hearts are so touched and amazed at how the Lord so mightily uses you in the lives of others – just like His angels indeed!

  3. What a beautiful letter and I know it came straight from their hearts, how I would love to meet them one day. the letter brought many tears to my eyes, you both are do loved. Thank Dear Lord for you too wonderful people. God Bless you both always. Esther L. Jacobson

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