Captain John and our story of being “GROUNDED” has made it on WUSA Channel 9 evening news!

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…You can (CLICK HERE) to view the segment…

WUSA Channel 9 News found out that we were “GROUNDED” and came out to our hanger today to do a story on Captain John and about our major instrument failure we have that is keeing us on the ground until resolved! This has really helped to spread the word, the response already has been amazing to say the least! Thank You so much WUSA 9!

The “GO FUND ME” site that Eric Lichtblau (two-time Pulitzer Prize Winner) has set up for us can be found at by clicking (HERE).  Thank YOU so much Eric for thinking of “Go Fund Me” to help us out, and for all the work you put into setting it up!

A Great Big Thank You to everyone having a part in John and I getting back into the air, it is so greatly appreciated and we are so very humbled! 😊

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