Update on Captain John

Thru many tests and a heart cath, it was found that Captain John has some major restrictions in blood flow thru 2 main arteries in his heart. So the plan is that on Monday they will go back in (thru a cath) and do a procedure that will allow them to insert a stint. His great team of doctors is very upbeat and confident that they can increase the blood flow considerably, they are also amazed at Captain John himself… finding him to be pretty exceptional for 97 years old! This procedure, along with some newer type medications they will try, should get John’s blood flowing better than it has in the past several years! John is very upbeat and eager to move on with this plan. Everyone has been great and (according to John) all the nurses are cute. Barbara has been staying with him… I was going to go down with him today while she came back home for some things, but due to the rules, I was not allowed to, even though I am on the list with her… (the rules are, only two can be on the list, but only one at a time… and it has to be the same one within any 24hour period) So instead of a visit, we have had some very nice phone conversations! Again, we all would like to thank everyone for all of the thoughts and prayers sent Johns way, they are truly appreciated! In ending this post, I will say that after these doctors get John’s blood flowing well again, the next best treatment will be when Captain John gets back up in the air! Have a great night all!