Captain John is back home!

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Captain John is now back home! My last update indicated that Johns procedure the doctors had planned was moved up to tomorrow (Tuesday), but after more consideration, his team of doctors decided that they would forgo the planned procedure and treat Johns blood flow restriction with medications. They feel that the risk versus benefit factor made this the best decision for now, and they expect very good results due to some very amazing medications they are now using to help with restricted blood flow thru the heart arteries. He was sent home this afternoon with basically no restrictions other than dietary, with routine follow-up visits. On Wednesday, we have a scheduled visit with a back surgeon to talk about a future installation of a permanent spinal cord stimulator… this has been in the plans for a couple of months and the heart doctors feel that proceeding with this would be ok (a spinal cord stimulator would help John control his back pain considerably)… I will report what the back surgeon says once we have that visit. Captain John is very glad to be back home and his cats sure let both him and Barbara that they were glad as well! Thanks again so much for all of your many thoughts and prayers sent John’s way! Have a great night all!

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  1. Very happy you are home again and receiving some successful treatment options. May the doctors continue to receive wisdom from the Lord and you receive healing. May you and your family have a safe and blessed Merry Christmas. Nancy from Illinois.

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