Captain John… nearing short final

Things have changed quickly this week for Captain John. Knowing that Barbara needed some rest, I have stayed with John for the past three nights, and each night has been different. On Monday, he had a pretty good night and was even able to call me by name if he needed anything. On Tuesday night, he started getting very restless after midnight, and it was in a way that was different from what we had seen before. This continued in cycles, with rest happening in between from the help of some morphine. His hospice nurses came by after lunch that day and found that a catheter was needed to release the pressure in his bladder. This was very much a blessing because after his bladder emptied, the cycles of restlessness disappeared! Last night was a very restful and peaceful night for John, all without the need for morphine. This morning has been much the same, he is unable to respond to us verbally, but we continue with positive words of good thoughts, letting him know of the abundant love that surrounds him from near and far. This morning he also had a soothing bed bath by one of the wonderful ladies from Hospice. We cannot say enough about how comforting it is to have such caring people during a time like this, they all are godsends!
As Captain John’s approach on this last worldly flight proceeds to short final, I believe within my heart that he knows he has been “Cleared to Land” I also feel he would want to encourage each of us to gather strength thru this from all of the wonderful memories so many of us will be left with.
I would like to again, thank each and everyone for the many kind thoughts and prayers for Captain John, Barbara, and their entire family… they are much appreciated!

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