Thank You So Much Greta Luttrell

February 10th 2017

Dear Greta,

     Thank you so much for your generous contribution and wonderful letter in Memory of Mary Makely to help fuel our Angel Flights. We will (with Honor) apply your contribution to upcoming Angel Flights. Though our time with Mary was brief, it seems to us that we had known her forever, her big smile and warm caring personality, her strong will and love for life just seemed to mask over the fact that she was suffering from advanced stage cancer. So many times people will thank us for what we do in helping others (and we really appreciate this) ….. but….. in reality are we helping them, or is it that they (in a very special way) are helping us ? They come in our lives for a very short period of time but the way they touch our hearts are forever lasting. They make us realize that the things in life that are the most important cannot be measured with dollars and cents and the things that happen to us in life (in the end) are not going to matter near as much then how we deal with them.

     We will forever remember Mary for her strong will, love of life, caring of others more than herself and her big warm smile. And even though it is sad for all who were privileged to have known her to say goodbye, at least we have the comfort of knowing that on this journey her pain and suffering will be no more. We are all more blessed in life for knowing such an amazing lady !

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mary’s husband John and the entire Family

Thank you so much again for helping us to help others…

In Loving Memory of Mary Makely

John Billings                                           Nevin Showman