49Bravo’s Annual Inspection is complete!

This week 49Bravo came back to the hanger from being with the guys at Aircraft Maintenance Solutions, LLC, where she was having her Annual Inspection done. She was happy to be back and was very much ready to fly (and so was I)! I took her up for a short test flight, and all systems were a go. It was only my second flight since Captain John passed, and even though every other seat was empty, I was not alone. I believe that he would be very pleased knowing that 49Bravo will continue to carry on his legacy!

Now that the Annual Inspection is complete, there is only one more item I need to have done… a Pitot Static/Transponder test (I will be flying to Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport next Tuesday morning for this).

By the end of next week (after logging some flight time), I will be ready to accept Angel Flights, to which I am very much looking forward. I want to thank everyone who is following me thru this journey of carrying on Captain John’s legacy, and to all who have made donations in John’s Honor. All donations received will be applied directly to the cost of doing Angel Flights, and with the cost of operating an airplane this will be a tremendous help!

I have included photos of 49Bravo during her Annual Inspection. As the name states, this is required every year and is very detailed in nature, it is also interesting to see. Cost varies tremendously depending on the aircraft and any problems found that need to be corrected.

Thank you for your time!






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