About Our Planned Route

     Our Flight of course will begin at our home base KLUA (Luray Caverns Airport… Luray Virginia)  our route will go clockwise on the map depicted. We plan to only fly when the weather is good for taking pictures. If the weather would be perfect the entire trip it would take 13 days (Perfect weather each day is not likely) Each day (weather permitting) would consist of 2 flight legs with a stop in between and then an overnight. Each night we will document the events of the day and edit our photos, and make a detailed post to this site. It is our hope to have as many people as possible to follow us on our flight thru this website… so spread the word and share our adventure with as many of your friends and family that you can !  Through this flight we not only want to share our Adventure and Our Country’s Beauty… we also want to bring as much attention as possible to Angel Flight Mid Atlantic (and to all the volunteer flight services across the country) that on each and every day bring help and hope to so many people. Please check out Angel Flight Mid Atlantic at  www.angelflightmidatlantic.org

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