Aloft… once again

     Hope this finds everyone doing well, Captain John and I took a little flight today (May 5th) to stretch 49Bravo’s wings… this was her first flight since her annual inspection was completed (it did not matter at all that there was off and on showers😊)  All 3 of us (John, myself, and 49Bravo) enjoyed getting to one our “Happy Places” for about an hour! As most everyone knows, all Angel Flights have been suspended until a later date, but getting into the air for any reason is a good reason😊… and any day that ends in “Y” is a good day to fly!

     Here are a few photos we took during our flight…  Have a great day all, and stay safe!

A little rain is not going to stop us!
Aloft once more!
Looking east over the Blue Ridge Mountains
Train Bridge along Rt340 between Luray and Front Royal
Front Royal Airport
Strasburg Virginia
Johns house (his wife Barbara is waving from the upstairs balcony)
Massanutten Military Academy
Old farmstead sitting alone in a field along Spring Street, west of Interstate 81, in Woodstock, Virginia
My house (Nevin) with my wife Sharon and our little girl, Mikayla, waving from the backyard
Another shot of my house, with Sharon and Mikayla waving at us
Heading back across the Massanutten to Luray

Thank you for viewing… and if you would like to take a photo flight around the country without leaving your house, (CLICK HERE)  and fly with us on our trip around the Country in 2015… the flight is guaranteed to be smooth and the views  will be fantastic!


8 thoughts on “Aloft… once again”

  1. Wow! When you guys “ go out” you don’t mess around! Wonderful tour….so good to see familiar sites but from a different perspective….next time you have to give the plane a test, can you fly down our way…We would REALLY BE SO HAPPY TO. SEE YOU…Ft Lauderdale, Fl can’t take that air, right? All the best to you and your girls!!! 😀😀🦋

    1. Thank you so much Carol!… Flying to Florida would be great, it would take about 6 hours in 49Bravo with average winds.

  2. stay with it John . That I envy you is a given .
    I remember all the flights in a DC-9 and wish we could do just one more.

  3. I am so happy to see you two back where you should be. Love the pictures. Captain John, were you still in Europe on V E Day? I can’t believe it has been 75 years ago. Nevin, Show Captain John my Monday Chronicle about V E Day. Be glad when this Virus thing is gone and I can follow your flights.

    1. Hi Tom! Getting up in the air, if only for a short while, felt really great! Hope you are doing well.

  4. stephaniesinger0619

    I’m so glad you’re flying again 🙂 I love seeing the “pilot’s eye view” and captions.

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