Angel Flight December 14th 2016

This was also a double mission to bring Mary and her Husband John back home from Boston….. (We had flown them up on December 11th). As before, we had tailwinds going up and headwinds coming home (a little over 2.5 hours going up and 4 hours coming home). It was a cold day with the outside air temperature averaging 15 to 20 degrees. Our home base Airport Staff was Great ….. Jimmy had Mary and John’s car warm and waiting from them  out front of our hanger we landed back home ! This was our last Angel Flight of 2016.

Backseat ready for MaryEarly morning departure..... headed to Bedford MAOur office always has a Beautiful View !Bridge over the HudsonOver the Hudson..... heading to Bedford MALooking in the distance over Long Island Sound New Yorkdscn9928Heading to Bedford MAThe glow in the distance is the Atlantic Oceandscn9937dscn9939dscn9942dscn9943Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown PAAngel Flight December 14th 2016Wilson High School (Wilson Bulldogs) West Lawn PAQuarry in Pennsylvaniadscn9949Mary and John.... heading home from Bedford MA

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