Angel Flight January 27th 2016

     Hello everyone !  This was our first Angel Flight of 2016. We flew from home base (KLUA-Luray Caverns Airport) to Gaithersburg MD and picked up our passenger Kate and her friend Charlie (Our original planned point of pick up was to be Frederick MD but the airport was closed due to the major snow storm of the previous weekend). From there we flew to Beaver Falls Pa to meet up with Pilot Charlie Poll who would fly them to their destination of Ann Arbor Michigan. 

     The day was cold with some fairly strong headwinds (around 30-35knots) heading to Beaver Falls at 6000′  We was surfing cloud tops for the most part and descended down thru about a 2000′ thick cloud deck into Beaver Falls, picking up a little ice on the way. Flight back to home base was at 7000′ and again on top of the clouds until passing the Appalachian Mt Range where the clouds dissipated for the most part.

     Was a Great flight with a total flight time of 4.4 hours and a total flight distance of 424 nm.  Next planned Angel Flight is for Friday, January 29th.  Hope you enjoy the pictures !



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