Angel Flight January 30th 2016

     Our Angel Flight today was from Home base (Luray Caverns Airport) to Beaver Falls Pa to pick up our passengers, Kate and Charlie. They began their flight today in Ann Arbor Michigan ….. Angel Flight Pilot, Dick Lawrence, flew them to meet us at Beaver Falls. From Beaver Falls we flew Kate and Charlie to Gaithersburg Maryland where they had their car to drive home.

     The flight today was in clear weather that was very smooth. We had some headwinds flying to Beaver Falls (about 19knots) and a good tailwind flying to Maryland (about 25Knots)  The views was fantastic with most of the area covered in snow (no snow to mention in the Pittsburgh area though) We flew at 6000 feet out and 7000 feet back. Outside temps both ways averaged 45 degrees. All 3 landings was visual.

      Total Flight time today was 4.2 hours and totaled flight distance was 419 miles. Captain John was the Pilot for todays flight.

      Thanks for viewing and we hope you enjoy the pictures !