Angel Flight July 17th, 2019

     On this Angel Flight, we departed home base Luray at 10:15 heading for Frederick MD. We had a slight delay at Frederick waiting for our passenger Frank to arrive from Teterboro NJ with pilot number one. On this mission, we were taking Frank home to Charleston WVA (The last time we flew Frank we landed in a snow squall that was passing over Charleston!)
     We departed Frederick at 12:20 and headed west for Charleston. The temperature on the ground was very close to 100 but up at our cruise altitude, it was a delightful 60! The afternoon had several storm cells active over West Virginia which we navigated around and between (some small ones we just went thru) The flight last a little over 2 hours with a headwind of 15-20 knots.
     After giving Frank our goodbyes at Charleston, we headed back east for home (about a one hour flight), still with some storm cells, but none in our way that we could not go thru. We landed back at home base in a little rain, just as a major storm cell moved out of our way to the east!
No coffee in the hanger today due to the time, so we just headed home, on one of our most dangerous parts of the day!

Thank you for your time and interest in what we do…. have a Great Day All!


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  1. Beautiful aerial shots, It was wonderful to be whisked out of my surroundings which are so brown right now!. I hope that Frank was able to enjoy them, Thank you for sharing. Pat, Strasburg, VA

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