Angel Flight May 16th 2017

     On May 16th 2017 at 1030 we were rolling down runway 22 departing our home base Luray headed for Lewisburg WVA…. the beginning of another Angel Flight to pick up our cute little passenger for the day, Kathryn and her mom Jessie. As we were on the way to Lewisburg they were in flight from their home in Tupelo MS with Angel Flight Pilot Philip Bentley, heading also to Lewisburg WVA. Philip had originally been set up as leg number one of a three leg flight (our leg being the last that would take them to their destination, Baltimore MD)…… but due to pilot number two having an instrument failure, Philip agreed to do both legs !  We arrived early at Lewisburg so that we could enjoy one of our favorite Reuben’s from the Dutch Haus Restaurant, which used to be right at the airport but is now down the road about 3 miles, so we used the airports courtesy car and off we went…… and the Reuben was Great !

      As we arrived back to the airport, Philip had just landed with Kathryn and her mom. After having a warm greeting and giving   Kathryn and her mom time to stretch their legs, we loaded up and departed for Baltimore MD (Which was a little over an hour and thirty minute flight)….. flight conditions at 7000 feet were quite choppy with some wave action so we requested and received 9000 feet which really ended up being not a whole lot better (mainly due to being over the mountains). Kathryn seemed not to mind it at all (as a matter of fact she fell asleep fairly early in the flight) and her mom, Jessie seemed to really enjoy the views. As we got into the Baltimore area ATC was really busy with traffic in and out of BWI but they handled us very well giving us a little tour of Inner Harbor going in. Once on the ground and in the FBO we took some pictures and gave our good byes (telling Kathryn and her mom that we would see them next week to begin their flight home) Before we headed back out to the airplane we enjoyed some nice cookies, complements of Signature FBO !  (BWI is on our list of Airports that have cookies !)

     Once we boarded back up and received our clearance we departed runway 33L from BWI heading home. Total flight time for the day was 4.2 hours covering 525 nautical miles over 3 states. It was certainly a pleasure to have met little Kathryn and her mom Jessie… never ceases to amaze us how such young children can deal with such major problems but yet to look at their big smiles and the way they act you would never know it !  Boy what a lesson we could all learn from them (Kathryn is a 9 year old with spina bifida/OEIS c)  …. we are already looking forward to seeing them again next week ! 

Following are some photos of the day….. hope you enjoy !

Backseat ready for our little passenger (Kathryn)………… Notice the tube of lip balm (For Kathryn’s Mom)….. These lips Balms(which use all natural ingredients) were sent to us by fellow Michigan Angel Flight Pilot, Dick Lawrence (Michigan Pilot of the Year) …. his son’s company “Joshua Tree Skin Care” hand crafts these and many other products (Check them out at On the label he has ……. (Angel Flight….. “Flying with a Purpose…to bring Help and Hope to those in Need” ….. Wings Around America) Thank you so much Dick and to your Son…. and all involved for sending these to give out to our passengers !
I almost forgot to take a picture of our lunch at Lewisburg WVA……. One of our favorite places to get a Rueben… complemented by French Onion Soup !
This is where we had our lunch in Lewisburg ! …. (Actually this is a picture on the wall in the place where we had our lunch in Lewisburg)
Angel Flight May 16th 2017….. (I bet you think our cockpit looks different !) ……. Returning to Lewisburg Airport from our lunch via their courtesy car
This was our pick up point for our cute little passenger Kathryn and her mom Jessie
Heading to Baltimore Maryland...... Kathryn fast asleep !
Heading to Baltimore Maryland…… Kathryn fast asleep !
West Virginia
West Virginia
Orkney Virginia
Orkney Springs Virginia
Lake Laura Dam..... Basye Virginia
Lake Laura Dam….. Basye Virginia
Bryce Airport..... Basye Virginia
Bryce Airport….. Basye Virginia
Kathryn and her mom Jessie….. Look at that Beautiful Smile (Heading to Baltimore)
Woodstock Virginia (This is where Captain John hangs his hat)
Woodstock Virginia (This is where Captain John hangs his hat)
Winchester Medical Center.... Winchester Virginia
Winchester Medical Center…. Winchester Virginia
The Bavarian Inn.....Shepherdstown West Virginia
The Bavarian Inn…..Shepherdstown West Virginia
Interesting farm field design in Maryland …… (I thought the green looked like at tree)
Baltimore Maryland
Baltimore Maryland
Captain John with Jessie and Kathryn in Baltimore MD
Captain John with Jessie and Kathryn in Baltimore MD
Nevin with Jessie and Kathryn in Baltimore
Nevin with Jessie and Kathryn in Baltimore

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