Day 8

Hello Everyone !
     Setting here in Billings Montana after another Great Day of Flying….. We left Spokane Washington and came thru Idaho into Montana. We said goodbye to the Rocky Mountain Range and hello to the Big Sky of Montana. It is amazing that we have had no weather delays on this entire Flight so far !…….  we have had some storm cells that we scooted by or under many times and many forest fires but that has been all. The winds have not been a factor either ! ….. which is amazing after flying  4,031 Miles since leaving Home Sunday a week ago !  I know many of my Family reads this everyday and I want to say to them…. I miss each and everyone of you and love you all very much…. and…… thanks for working together to take care of things back Home !  Give Pattie and Mikayla a big squeeze from me.   Thanks again to everyone for following our flight thru this website.
P.S.    Tomorrow should be some really neat pictures !  (That’s all I can say)   

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14 thoughts on “Day 8”

  1. Such beautiful pictures , I specially liked the oxygen tank.. Glad you having a great time ,and I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s pictures.we love and miss you both safe and happy flying……… From the Girls

  2. Bonnie Showman hammond

    Good Morning brother and Mr.John.Great pictures again !!! I am always excited like a kid to see hear how your day has been and to see all of your beautiful pictures.Thank you both for letting me a part of this Epic Flight.As always I pray for another great day for today Day 11 and for you both to have a safe flight.Love you both.

  3. More wonderful pictures – albeit I almost need the oxygen just looking at them – especially the mountain ones. Wishing you another great day and good weather. Thanks, Pat and John, Strasburg, VA

  4. Great Picture. USA is really a beautiful place. Thanks, for sharing all the pictures. Have a safe flying day

  5. Great to see Billings from this vantage point. Glad to know the painted horses still stand. Great job both of you…BBB

  6. Know I’ll never travel, but you have given me a BETTER view of the country than I could ever have in a vehicle! We appreciate you Mr. John and Nevin, more than words can possibly express. You are truly Angels flying up there. Godspeed on your journey home.

  7. Good afternoon Nevin and Mr. John, hope your day of flying is a good one, As always the pics are amazing, and how lucky am I to have a first class seat, WOW is all I can say. Have a safe and fun day and I look forward to the next trip pics. Love and prayers to you both.

  8. Loving every picture and so thankful for safe travels and good weather. Looking forward to tomorrow! God Bless both of you

  9. Leslie Billings

    The trip would not be complete without a stop in Billings! Glad the weather is cooperating and that you guys are obviously having such a good time! Makes me very happy!

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