Day 12

Hello All !

     Today we have stayed on the Ground getting some homework caught up ….. I updated the  “Our Sponsors Page” and the Page  “People/Places that Help Along the Way”  page.   Please Visit both Page’s and check them out. I also created a New Page called  “Happy Birthday Captain John”  where you can go and leave a Birthday Message for John which would be absolutely Great !  Another good part of staying here in Sioux Falls SD for an extra day is that our bodies will gradually get adjusted back to Eastern time !     Sorry for no pictures today….but…… more interesting ones will come soon.  Thanks again for following our Flight and helping to spread the Word about Charitable Flying !

1 thought on “Day 12”

  1. Bonnie Showman hammond

    Hello Brother and Mr.John.I know you both are flying high today on Mr.Johns special day.As always I having been praying for another great day and for you both to have a safe flight.I can’t tell you both enough how much I have enjoyed this amazing journey.Thank you so much.You both are great men and I can’t wait till you both come home.Love you both.

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