Day 11

Hello Everyone !

     As I set here tonight at the desk in our room (In Toledo Ohio) ….. I feel so honored to have been a part of this once in a Lifetime Journey around the Country with Captain John !  The places we have seen and the people we have met have been absolutely amazing !  Today has been no different….. it was a fantastic day of flying and we really enjoyed taking the pictures that follow. It was really something hard to describe when we got to circle over Willow Run (Willow Run was where Henry Ford built a plant that mass produced B24 Liberators at the astounding rate of one per hour during WWII !) And for me to have experienced this with Captain John was priceless…… And I know for sure it was a special moment for John to be circling around this Historic area in his own plane 70 years later where there was a strong chance that some of the Liberators he flew came from this very site !   We have one more night after this one and then we are Home Bound !  We plan on landing back at home base in Luray Va on Monday afternoon.  Our last major photo op will be Niagara Falls !  John and I really feel good about our Mission and believe that many more people may now know more about Charitable Flying than before….. We have talked to so many people it is amazing that we have not lost our voice. So as we get close to the end of our around the Country Flight I would like to again thank each and everyone of you all for following our flight and spreading the word. And we would like to ask that even when this flight is over and we are back to doing Angel Flights….. Please continue to tell people about this website and about Charitable Flying.   Thanks again so much and we hope you enjoy the pictures……  Goodnight All !


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13 thoughts on “Day 11”

  1. Madlyn Estep, Mount Jackson, VA

    I’m just like Barbara ~ I can’t believe this adventure is nearly finished!!! Gonna’ really miss reading about your adventures and seeing all your photos … this has been a ‘highlight’ for me ‘every day’ since you began your journey!!! I can’t even begin to imagine what this trip has been like for both of you … and I’m so happy, Nevin, that you were able to enjoy it with ‘Captain John’. Congratulations on ‘everything both of you stand for’ … GOODNESS, ABOVE AND BEYOND THE CALL!!! I’m also sending ‘heartfelt wishes’ to both of you for ‘happy days’ and continued ‘safe flying’ always. Godspeed on all your future Angel Flights! <3

  2. Ditto Madlyn. I love to start the day checking out the new photos of your amazing adventure! Abundant blessings on on all your flights Dad, with lots of love and hugs,

  3. I feel like I have been on vacation waking up to the beautiful pictures everyday.The two weeks went too fast but I know you will be happy to be back home with your family.Thank you for sharing everyday and have a safe flight.
    Betty Loyd

  4. Bonnie Showman hammond

    Good Morning brother and Mr.John.I am happy you both had another great day of flying.Looking at the pictures and hearing how your day was makes me feel like I was on another adventure once again.Thank you both for what you do and for allowing me and many others to be part of this Amazing journey.I will miss this journey but I will be so happy when you both come home.We all miss you and I know Mr.Johns family will be so happy when he comes home too.I pray for another great day and for a safe flight.Love you both.

  5. Good morning to you Mr. John and to my Hubby Nevin , the pictures of the Ilands were great . Would love to go visiting with you and Mikayla . Pattie loved talking to you last night , that helps a lot. Talk to you later. Love you both …….. From the Girls

  6. Oh Lord…another day another dollar. Please try to hold your pleasure level down as you complete this fantastic mission. Kidding of course…squeeze every ounce of pleasure out of it you can…we all look forward to having you both home but at the same time so very proud of what you have accomplished. Remember “tail up and fur fluffy!”…BBB

  7. Nancy from Cherry Valley, IL

    I have really enjoyed all the pictures and stories on this historic journey. I was born in Detroit and remember my dad talking about “Willow Run” but, as a ten-year-old or younger, I didn’t know the significance of it. It was so nice to see it is still there and being used for something. The old Douglas Aircraft Company plant on Lakewood Blvd. in Long Beach where I worked from 1963-1966 is gone! It is so sad. So, thank you so much for all the pictures. I felt like I was on a journey, too. Thanks to my friends, Pat and John from Strausburg for sending me a link to your site. Here’s to many more successful journeys.

  8. Capt. John and Nevin, what a pleasure it has been to share this magnificent journey with you and to see the beautiful sights of this country, It has brightened my everyday since the journey began. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. And, thank you Nancy for joining me! Safe trip home to many welcoming arms and hugs. Pat and John, Strasburg, VA

  9. Good afternoon Nevin andMr.John, so glad you all had another great day, love the pics as always such interesting info about the areas I did not know about. Thanks again for another great adventure, I,be got my first class seat reserved for the Niagara Falls pics, I love seeing the falls when ever I can. sending prayers your way for good weather and safe flying. Love you both.

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