12 thoughts on “Day 6”

  1. Great pictures of the California coast line ,like the light houses. Crater lake was awesome . Can’t wait see what else you put up. Pattie and Mikayla are doing great, we are missing you . Tell Mr. John we love and miss him to and have on the visits with family. Sharon, Pattie, Mikayla and Miss Polly.

  2. Great pics of California! I used to lived in Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Mt. Shasta and those photos make me feel home sick. Glad everything is going smooth for you guys, have a safe trip home <3

  3. Thanks again for the spectacular pictures. Good to know that the trip is going so well. Pat and John, Strasburg, VA

  4. I’m enjoying peoples comments almost as much as the pictures. Especially enjoyed Crater Lake, but didn’t you get just a tad close to Mount Shasta? I’ve got my eyes on you guys…always watching. BBB.

  5. Bonnie Showman hammond

    Good Morning,All the pictures were so beautiful.Kevin use to live at Mount Shasta for about 12 years.I just got talking to him and he said great pictures.Looks like you all got really close to Mount Shasta.That must of been a amazing feeling.I am so happy that everyday has been a great day for both of you.I am praying for today Day 7 to be another Great day.I myself believe God and all his Angels are with you both all the way.Miss and love you brother.I am so proud of you both….love always…love you too Mr. John

  6. Good afternoon guys, looks like another great day of flying and great pics, love Mt.Shasta and the snow caps really up close and personal, Lake Shasta beautiful pics. Love and prayers for you both, safe travels.

  7. You manage to outdo yourseves each day – how will you top today’s pictures? My favorites today are The goldenh Gate Bridge and Alatraz . I assume you couldn’t wait for the famous fog to lift!!!

  8. Leslie Billings

    Great photos! Also great photo of you guys with Roger — can’t decide who he looks more like: Bruce, Barbara or Gram! Say hi to Uncle Donald for me and a hug too!

  9. Nancy from Cherry Valley, IL

    Loved the pictures from day 6! It was great to see Crater Lake again! Last time was the summer of 1960! The coast of California is always spectacular. God Bless America! Keep on taking spectacular pictures!

  10. I love being able to live vicariously through you and your pictures. I may never be able to visit these places, but I feel like I have since I am “flying” along with y’all. Thank you for inviting me to join you on this wonderful journey.

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