Day 7 (Rest stop with Johns Family)

Hello all !  Last evening we landed in Florence Oregon and Johns Brother-In-Law Don and his wife Arlena was at the Airport waiting to pick us up !  We will be staying with them until Monday morning. Arlena has been spoiling us with Great meals and Hospitality ! She drove us back out to the Airport Saturday morning to meet with121_0051 several local Pilots to exchange stories and John and I both had a Great time ! We will not be back into the Air until Monday morning. John is really enjoying this time with Family and so am I !    Keep spreading the word about Wings Around America and thanks for your support ! I will be soon posting pictures of our stay here on the ground in Florence Oregon.  Is absolutely amazing that we made it all this way with no delays to our destinations !

8 thoughts on “Day 7 (Rest stop with Johns Family)”

  1. Have a great visit with John’s family and rest up!I love waking up to new post everyday morning !!

  2. Now this is the part of the trip I really miss. Love that west coast family and looking forward to seeing them again…love ya all…BBB

  3. Just an added note to Arlena…thanks a million for taking those tired and weary pilots in for this break. They probably didn’t know they were tired until they were on the ground long enough for those feelings to settle in…good respite,,,T H A N K Y O U, A R L E N A…BBB

  4. Bonnie Showman hammond

    Good Morning brother and Mr. John.I was so happy to hear you both are taking a rest for a couple of days.Sounds like you both are enjoying your stay with Johns family.Please thank them for me for spoiling you guys because you both deserve this.As always I am always excited everyday to see new post and pictures.Now both of you rest up and enjoy your visit Johns family.Love you both.

  5. Good afternoon Nevin and Mr. John so glad you get to stop and take a well deserved breather, at least for a little while. Sounds like you are being well taken care of, than a big thank you to Mr. John’s family for being so hospitable. Looking forward to the next round of pics,as always love and prayers to you both. Fly safe.

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