Day 8 (Rest Stop with Johns Family)

Hello All !
     This rest stop with Johns Brother-In-Law Donnie and his wife Arlena has been Wonderful!!!!!   Arlena and Donnie has showed us such Great Hospitality….. Great Company, Great Meals, done our laundry, took us around to see the Great area of Florence…..just a GREAT GREAT Visit !   Thank you so much Donnie and Arlena !
     John and I will get back into the Air tomorrow (Monday) We should be getting some great pictures of places such as Mt Hood, Mt Saint Helen, Mt Rainer and Leavinworth……. Pictures will be posted tomorrow night late by eastern time.  The Pictures below is from our Great Visit with Donnie and Arlena !  Florence Oregon is Beautiful !  Hope You enjoy, and thanks again for following our flight and giving us your
support !

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9 thoughts on “Day 8 (Rest Stop with Johns Family)”

  1. Bonnie Showman hammond

    Good Morning brother and Mr. John.I loved all the pictures.It really is Beautiful at Florence Oregon..So happy you both had a great visit and some much needed rest.I wish you both another great day today on Day 9.Got to run off to you both.

    1. All the pictures made me smile. So happy John had family time, what a treasure for him! Looking forward to the next pictures and comments. Be safe and enjoy!

  2. Love the photos!!!!! Glad you are having such a great trip!!!! Keep those photos coming!!!! Safe travels!!!!!

  3. Good morning Mr. John and to my sweet hubby ,the picture ‘s are great ,love the lighthouse and the picture’s of Donnie and arlena with each of you. So glad you got to talk to Mikayla on the phone ,she just beamed . Pattie enjoyed talking to you also , last night thought you was coming home. Had bust her bubble ,but I told her soon. We love and miss you both. The girls

  4. I think I would like it there. The stark beauty really appeals to me. Great family pictures – and the froggy is very cute. Pat and John, Strasburg, VA

  5. Yep…I could live quite happily there. The West really pulls me at times, especially when I see pictures like these. Didn’t know that Arlena was so into frogs…that makes 3 of us. Love those smiles. Thanks Arlena for giving the guys such a good break…BBB

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