Day 7 (Must See Pictures !)

Hello All !
     What an amazing day it has been. We said goodbye to the Pacific Coast and Headed inland to the Mountains…… What an Experience !!!!  We got up close and personal with Mount Hood, Mount St Helen’s, Mount Adams and Mount Rainier !  The Majestic Sites of those Mountains was absolutely amazing from within the Cockpit of our Cessna Cutlass RG !  Hope you enjoy the pictures and feel as overwhelmed as John and I did……..  We then headed for Grand Coulee Dam and took some pictures there but the smoke was so thick from the Forrest Fires that they was not satisfactory…….. Had thick Smoke all the way to Spokane Washington, which is where we are bedding for the night.  Thanks again to everyone for spreading the word about Wings Around America and Charitable Flying…….   Take Care and stay tuned for more adventures tomorrow !   

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14 thoughts on “Day 7 (Must See Pictures !)”

  1. Bonnie Showman hammond

    Good Morning Brother and Mr.John.I loved all the beautiful pictures.Looking at the pictures I could just see the smiles on both of your faces.You all got really close to the mountains.Thank you again for sharing your day with us.I was only able to get on yesterday morning before I went to work because of computer problems but it is all good now.Yesterday was the first day I wasnt able to share your Epic Flight but I promise today my sharing will go on.Well got to go work is calling my name.I pray for another great day for you both.Love you both.

  2. Nancy from Cherry Valley, IL

    Fascinating and beautiful pictures! Sites only pilots of small planes would get to see. Not having lived in Washington, I didn’t realize there would be snow on the peaks in July/August. That was very interesting. If only it would melt and send some water south to California! This has been a great trip for you two. Are you half way yet? Thanks for letting us in on this amazing journey.

  3. First thing in the morning I look to see your pictures and comments. It makes me smile to see both of you having such a good time.I am so happy to see John spending time with family and getting some rest for you both.Be safe and I am looking forward to some more beautiful pictures tomorrow.
    Betty Loyd

  4. Well that was certainly a wonderful adventure. The mountains are magnificent. Loved seeing Levenworth from the air…such a nice little town with shared memories of our visit with Donnie and Arlena last year. BBB.

  5. Great pictures -as usual ! I would have loved to be that up close and personal with those mountains –but at the same time- I would have been scared out of my wits!!!!!

  6. These pictures are absolutely AMAZING!!!! I didn’t realize that there would be snow!!!! Thank you so much, for sharing this adventure with us!!!!! Glad you are having a great time!!!!!

  7. Wow, what great photos! What was it like flying around the mountains? Any tricky air currents to be aware of? What was your highest elevation in flight? It sounds like fun flying! (This is Susan from Bedford).

  8. Hello Nevin and Mr.John, glad to see you had another wonderful day. The pics are amazing and beautiful, and like others have said I was surprised to see snow on the mountains in august as well, but made for beautiful pics. Stay safe and look forward to the next adventure with you both, so lets buckle and get flying. Prayers and love coming your way.

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