Day 1

     Hello all, today has been amazing ! We departed right on time (Rolling and Wheels Up at 9:00AM) from our Home base of Luray Caverns Airport. We had Great Coverage from Avery Powell from TV3 News, Harrisonburg and we had a small group that came to see us off !  All of our planned Photo targets turned out Great ……  Check out the Photos Below. We was treated with red carpet type treatment at both Airports we landed at today (I will be posting a new page soon called ….. Airports we land At)

     Tonight we are in New Orleans along Lake Pontchartrain and tomorrow our destination will be Pecos Texas !  Thanks so much again for following us around the Country and John and I hope you enjoy the Pictures.


John and I being Interviewed by TV3 Harrisonburg before Departure


John and I with his Wife Barbara


Can You tell we are Happy ?


Thomas Jefferson’s  Popular Forest ……..  Near Lynchburg Va


Gatlinsburg Tennessee


John and I with Alan and Shane at Martin Campbell Airport….. Copperhill TN


Copper Mines in Copperhill TN


The Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma Alabama


Flying over the Gulf of Mexico looking towards Gulfport


Looking our over Lake Pontchartrain

Thanks for taking the time to look at our pictures !

16 thoughts on “Day 1”

  1. Bonnie Showman hammond

    Hello Mr. John and Brother Nevin.I am so happy you both had a good flight and made it to your destination.Beautiful pictures as always.Hoping for blue skies for your next flight.Love you both.

    1. Great pictures! Be safe and praying for bright skies!! Enjoy your flight and you time together.

    2. Great pictures . Look forward to seeing u saturday🍸give us a approximate time u will b in Saturday. Safe flight love u😘

  2. Great to see you on TV this morning (on my living room TV:) The clip has been posted on Wonderful photos – look forward to more. Pat and John Strasburvg, VA

  3. Nancy from Cherry Valley, IL

    Enjoyed the pictures very much. Reminded me of my father’s flight in a Cessna180 with my family in 1958 from Orange County Airport, CA to Detroit MI and back for Christmas with my grandparents. I am looking forward to the next leg of your flight. Yes, blue skies and tail winds to you both.

  4. Aren’t your faces beginning to hurt…with all those smiles? Have another great day…proud of you both. Remember…blue side up, dirty side down…Barbara

  5. Great to see my friend from Cherry Hill here. And, she is spreading the word! Pat, Strasburg, VA

  6. So glad everything went on schedule as planned, great interview, and great pics of your first day out. Mr. John and Nevin keep up the good work, have fun, stay safe and pray for blue skies all the way, love you both.

  7. Bonnie Showman hammond

    I have been thinking about you two today and hoping and praying your day went as planned.I can’t wait to see how your day has been and to see all the Beautiful Pictures.Love you both.

  8. Up and Away! One of the TV interviews about Wings Around America flight.

    TV3 News in Harrisonburg also interviewed them before their departure!
    Video: Valley Pilots Fly Around The Country
    Article Wishing you and Nevin the very best!

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