Day 2

     Day Two was another Great Flight !  we got some Great Pictures and some Amazing Videos  ….. Also, once again we got the Red Carpet Treatment everywhere we went…… They even had a Local Newspaper Reporter at Pecos Airport that done an Interview on us !  We was in the Air today for a total of 6.2 hours and covered a distance of 623 miles. I will be soon adding another Page…….” The Airports We Visit “…… We have been treated so well at each one I want to show our appreciation by recognizing them all !  Hope You Enjoy the Pictures and thanks so much for following us on this Amazing Flight !   By the way….. the Website had its largest amount of Visits on Day Two of the Flight since it went online !!!!!   

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15 thoughts on “Day 2”

  1. Thanks for the great pics and clip and thanks to the people who are treating you so well. Looking forward to the next update. Pat and John, Strasburg

  2. Bonnie Showman hammond

    Good Morning brother and Mr. John.I loved the beautiful pictures.I am happy Day 2 was a success and looking forward to today Day 3.Praying for blue skies and a safe and fun day for you both.Love you both.

  3. Nancy from Cherry Valley, IL

    Beautiful pictures. We don’t get to see those views when taking air line flights. So glad you are taking such wonderful photos. Keep up the great work. Happy trails!

  4. I am enjoying following your trip so much. Poplar Forest in Lynchburg was fun to see from the air. Have been there many times as it is about 10 miles from home. Safe and happy flying. Linda

  5. Guess I didn’t post my last reply…it was a should’a, would’a, could’a day concerning lunch boxes not packed. The pictures are absolutely awesome. Keep up the good work guys…who are we kidding here…you two are having too much fun here to call this work. But I gotta say…putting out good energy…BBB

  6. Make sure everyone signs their names in the reply. I assumed (wrongly) that I.D. would be included automatically.BBB

  7. Great pictures. Looks like you’re having a lot of fun and meeting wonderful people. Blue Skies.

  8. John and Nevin – for doing it, for sharing it … thank you!
    John you asked to be reminded of the books, “Forgotten Fields” by Lou Thole.

  9. Such wonderful pics of New Orleans and Texas. The people you all have met along the way seem so gracious and hospitable. New friendships across America 🙂

  10. Leslie Billings

    You guys do look so happy! Wonderful photos! That dry lake bed was very eery. Makes one think twice about a lake-front view! : ) Les

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