Donation in Memory of Mary


     This week we received a contribution in Memory of Mary to help fund our Angel Flights. This is how the letter went ……

Dear B.W.C. (Because We Care)

In Memory of Mary Elizabeth Heishman Makely I am sending a check to help fuel Angel Flight for John Billings and Nevin Showman. Such a sad time for John Makely, the girls and the grandchildren as well as all who’s lives she touched.                                                    

My Hope and prayer is that the next flight you take and every one thereafter will find the help so longed for by those you carry with you. May God grant you who pilot 49Bravo safety always.

Thank you John and Nevin for your willing hearts to provide hope for others.

Greta S. Luttrell

This is truly a testament of how many lives Mary touched, and even though our time knowing Mary was brief, she certainly was an inspiration to us and touched our hearts in a very lasting way.

We will with honor and loving Memory, apply this donation to our next Angel Flights

Our thoughts and Prayers continue with you and your family, Sincerely

John Billings                             Nevin Showman