Double Angel Flight July 10th, 2019


     On Wednesday we departed home base Luray heading for Cincinnati Ohio. This was classified as a “double mission” because normally this trip would be accomplished by two airplanes meeting somewhere in the middle.

     At Lunken Field (Sunken Lunken) in Cincinnati, we picked up 12-year-old Sam, and his dad, James ( Sam had several appointments at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and all went well according to his dad)!

     From Cincinnati, we flew Sam and his dad back home to Manassas Va.  Sam seems to really like flying, and this makes the third time with us, this first was last year, the second was last Sunday, and then… this flight!

     After giving Sam and his dad our goodbyes, we headed back to home base Luray.

     Our total time in the air for the total mission was 6.3 hours and we covered 680 nautical miles. The flight conditions were overall very smooth, with the exception of some “wanna-be” clouds (clouds that wanted to grow up and be thunderstorms) that we punched holes thru.  And even with the sultry temperatures on the ground, at 9000 feet, the temperature was 55 degrees, which felt very good!

     We finished up our mission with coffee, cookies, and paperwork in our hanger lounge before heading out on one of the most dangerous parts of the day, the ride home!

     A great big thank to everyone involved behind the scenes that help to get these flights accomplished, and also to each and every one of you all for taking your time to read our post and view our photos!

     Our next flight is scheduled for the 17th…… have a great day all!


2 thoughts on “Double Angel Flight July 10th, 2019”

  1. Is this number 500 yet for Capt. John? How many for Nevin? I noticed you didn’t get too far away from the 38th Latitude on all three flights. I would fly with you guys just to get an airplane model. The picture of the Ohio River reminded me that I took the Old Delta Queen Steamboat from Pittsburgh to New Orleans. (2 weeks) many years ago. Recommend, “Mr. Roosevelt’s Steamboat” if you can find a copy.

    1. I will double check on my totals for both of us and post them once verified. Tom, I have some really nice models still available, so when can we schedule YOUR flight? I bet your river boat cruise was really amazing on the Old Delta Queen!

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