Happy Birthday Captain John !

     This coming Monday, August 7th, Captain John will be celebrating his Birthday ! As he has done for the past several years he will be in his happy place (the SKY !)….. 2 years ago we were flying around the Country and last year we were doing a double Angel Flight Mission. This year he will be flying a Quintuple Angel Flight Mission (5 missions !) taking him to Steubenville Ohio then east to Boston MA, then all the way west to Kalamazoo MI ! (I am a little sad to say I will not be with him on this special flight….. our little 4 year, old (Mikayla) starts her first day of public school that same day (riding a bus and everything !) …. and that I can not miss (First Events Only Happen Once !) …. but I will be with Captain John in spirit ! He will be flying with Angel Flight Pilot Kenny Painter in a very nice ship (a TBM850)…. I am a little concerned he is going to get spoiled !

      Lets see how many Birthday Wishes and Comments we can get !……. Just fill in the following spaces and click submit….. as I receive them I will copy and paste to   “A Birthday Greeting Page For Captain John” !   Thanks a bunch and have a Great Day !

PS:  His home mailing address is…….  559 West Spring Street (Woodstock VA) 22664


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