Happy Birthday Captain John !

Lets see how many Happy Birthday comments we can get on this page to Captain John. Johns Birthday is Friday August 7th. which he will celebrate on this Epic Flight………  and he will be a Young 92 Years of Age !   Happy Birthday Captain John !

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  1. Happy Birthday Captain John !…….. It is certainly an Honor and a Pleasure to call you My Friend…… and to Share in this Epic Flight with You.

  2. Happy Birthday old horse! I hope I get to 92 without many complaints and I hope I will still be able to at least paddle a kayak around Colorado. Not quite as exciting as buzzing around the US and getting interviewed everywhere I go but I would like to still be enjoying life like you do. Way to go!! Keep doing what you’re doing–it’s an inspiration to all of us.

  3. Bonnie Showman hammond

    I want to wish you a Early Happy Birthday Captain John.You are such a caring man and I am very blessed to know you my friend.Thank you for allowing us all to follow you and my brother on this Epic Flight.I hope your birthday tomorrow is full of great adventure on your special day.Love you always.

  4. A special Happy Birthday John Boy…This is the first time since we’ve been together that we haven’t been together on your BD…Missing you but so very happy that you are having this wonderful adventure with your good buddy Nevin. LUJ…BBB

  5. Happy birthday john. Glad to see you are having a great time flying around america. Love seeing all the pictures.

  6. Happy Birthday captain John. Nevin has told me so much about you I hope I can meet you soon.
    Have fun today and try to keep Nevin straight. You guys make a great team.
    God bless wishing you clear skies and calm winds.

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Capt. John. I hope it brings you as much joy as your travels across the country have brought us., Cheers, Pat and John, Strasburg, VA

  8. nancy westberg

    How wonderful to have your 92nd birthday on such a fabulous trip. A very Happy 92nd Birthday to you. Have a great day celebrating. I sure am enjoying all your wonderful pictures!

  9. What you mean to me is something I can never really express with words. I can’t thank you enough for the love and care you’ve given me. Have a wonderful year of special adventures and treasured memories. Happy Birthday Dad.

  10. Happy Birtthday captain John I hope this is the best Birthday ever! I have never met you but I feel like I have known you forever.Enjoy the rest of your journey and I hope you have many more happy Birthdays! God Bless you.
    Betty Loyd

  11. Elizabeth Smoot

    Happy Birthday, John. You are an inspiration to all of us. Thank you and Nevin for sharing the beautiful pictures.

  12. Happy Birthday John, it is a true honor and privilege to maintain your aircraft and hear your incredible experiences.

  13. Happy Birthdsy to the youngest 92 year old we know. Enjoy your special day flying. There is no better way to celebrate your birthday than getting to fly.

  14. Bonnie Showman hammond

    Well today is your Special Day Captain John.Happy Birthday to you..happy birthday to you..happy birthday Captain John..Happy Birthday To You.Today you are 92 years YOUNG and having a Amazing Journey.I am so Happy my brother Nevin gets to share this special day with you on this Epic Flight.I am praying for another great day and for a safe flight for you both.I am truly blessed to know you my friend.Love you Always.

  15. Happy Birthday Big Brother — I think you hogged all the good genes in the ffamily – I haven’t quite reached 92 but don’t think I’d have the stamina for the trip you and Nevin are making. Thankyou for letting me share it through this great web site! . Have a great and restful day . –Barb

  16. Good morning Mr. John, and Happy Birthday. Having a epic birthday on this epic trip, one I,m sure you will always remember. God Bless and safe travels. Love and prayers.

  17. Happy Birthday! May you have many, yes, many! More birthdays, at least get to 100 and take a nice flight on your 100th birthday. Thank you so much for all you do; I am so happy to have met you.

  18. Happy Birthday John!!!! You and Nevin have done a wonderful thing for yourselves and others!!! Celebrate!!!

  19. What a wonderful way to celebrate 92 years! I’ve so enjoyed following your flight and seeing photos, some of places we’ve visited from the ground. Happy, happy birthday Captain John, and many, many more!

  20. We wish you an excellent birthday, John, on your excellent adventure! Happy Birthday!
    With love, Roger and Lorie

  21. Betty Stephens. Firt Calley Va

    Happy Birthday Caption John! Hope you have the greatest birthday ever. You are a very caring person & I want to thank you for you’re service to our country & the service you are giving now to help others. I have enjoyed seeing all the wonderful pictures you & Nevin have shared.
    Again have a fabulous birthday!!!! 💝💕🎈⭐️🙏🎉

  22. Dick, Caol and Mike

    Happy Birthday John! Hope you have a great day! You and Nevin had a great adventure. Hope you weather is good coming home. Dick, Carol & Mike

  23. John, Happy 92 years young. You are a special person and special to me because of my dad being a pilot in WWII. I have followed your epic journey every day and enjoyed all the beautiful pictures Nevin posts. BTW, my dad was in flight school and my parents were living in Rapid City, SD, when they made me. Loved the pics of Mt Rushmore–though I have seen it from the ground, it is even more amazing from the air. I wish you well and many more birthdays. Love you both, Linda from Angel Flight on September 12, 2014.

  24. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Captain John. May you be blessed with many more. It is amazing what you and Nevin are doing. Thank you.

  25. A little late, but I know you had the best birthday and all of it has been about flying!!! Safe Travels as you head home!!

  26. Great meeting you at AA Sky Ball this weekend. We talked about my father’s days in Italy flying Liberators with the 464BG(H) in Pantanella, Italy. On his 14th mission bombing Cluj, Romania his plane was damaged and he ditched it in the Adriatic Sea (June 2, 1944). Then he went on to fly P-38s for the 49FS in Triolo. I have a great picture of my dad when he was with the 49th but see no way to send it in this format. Thank you for your service.

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