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     First of all I want to say a big Thank You for just being on our website and viewing these pages !  As been mentioned many times before, the goal of our Flight Around the Country is to bring as much Support and Attention as possible to Charitable Flying. In our area of the Mid-Atlantic we would love to see as much Donations as possible go to Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic……. Your individual location in Our Great Country would help decide where any funds you may want to donate would be best used. (If you would like any information on your particular part of the Country, I would love to find that out for you….. just contact me through any of my contacts at the bottom of this page)

     As for ways of helping to support our Flight and Our Goals, there are several. The first way is just the simple task of joining up and following our flight through this website, this in itself is more support than one may think….. there is proven power in numbers, and the more people we have joining in and following our Flight, the more chance we have of bringing in Support and Attention to Charitable Flying !  

     The second way of supporting  our Flight is to tell as many people (Friends, Family, Co-workers, Local Newspapers, TV Stations, etc) as possible about what we are doing and to give them the information about this site…. Lets together make this event go Viral Nationwide.

     Third, you can help support our Mission thru financial support (No amount would be to Small and any Donations would be Greatly appreciated and Recognized) For any amount donated to help support our mission of $250.00 or more, we would be honored for the Donor to accept one of the 30 American Flags we are Proudly Flying with us (See the Page  “Flying the American Flag”)

     For Donations of any amount, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via………..

Our Email:

or Contact by Phone ………

Nevin: 540-325-6248

John: 540-333-1105

Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic:1-800-296-3797

Donations can be mailed to :

Wings Around America  (In care of Nevin Showman)

12697 Old Valley Pike

Edinburg Va 22824

(Checks made out to BLT)in

Also….. Donations can be made directly to Angel Flight Mid-Atlantic in recognition of  the Wings Around America Flight

I would like to end this page by saying once again…… THANK YOU !…… and remember……

Individually We Can Make A Difference…… Together, We Can Make A Difference For Many !

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