In Loving Memory of Mary Makely

……. In Loving Memory of Mary Makely …….

Thanks So Much for Touching Our Lives !Mary and John.... heading home from Bedford MA

     During December of last year we had the privilege of flying Mary and her husband John on two Angel flights. It was the first time we had ever met Mary but it did not take long to get the feeling like we had known her forever, and even though Mary had been dealing with serious cancer issues for some time you would have never known it by looking at her smile and sensing  her overwhelming inner strength !  On February 4th, Mary departed on a different flight and now it is with heavy hearts and great sadness that we say Fly High to Sweet Mary….. this time her journey was not with us on an Angel Flight, but instead with God . as an Angel. And this time, different than before, her journey will take her to a place where her suffering will be no more. It was truly and Honor for us to have been able to spend some time (even though it was brief) with this amazing Lady, along with her wonderful smile you could just sense her strong will and love of life. Thanks for touching our lives Sweet Mary and God Speed.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mary’s husband John and her entire Family.