Visit with Senator Bob Dole

On Tuesday September 1st John and I flew to Leesburg where we joined up with Angel Flight/MMA CEO and President Robb Alpaugh and then we headed into DC and had a visit with Senator Bob Dole. It was a Great Experience seeing two American Hero’s Meet !  Senator Dole and John are both 92 and both WWII Veterans !

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4 thoughts on “Visit with Senator Bob Dole”

  1. Bonnie Showman hammond

    It is so great to see two American Hero’s meet.They both have done so much good in their lives.Mr.John you are looking very handsome and so are you brother .Thank you both for all that you continue to do.

  2. Exciting time for all. Great picture of the three of you together. Happy trails or should I say Happy Flying to you two. So proud of you both!

  3. Thank you for the pictures I look forward to all your post. I was just thinking about you yesterday and wondered what you were up to……… Now I see!!

  4. Ruth & Ken Hartman

    Great Pictures of All of you! How wonderful that you had a chance to meet Bob Dole.
    John, you & Bob have had interesting lives. We Thank you both for All you have done for Our Country.

    P. S. Love that Sharp Jacket John 😊😊😊

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