Message from Tina Santee

……. Message from Tina Santee …….

Always Great to hear from a previous passenger !  Here is a recent comment Tina posted…..


Tina Santee….. I really miss flying with you two fine Gentlemen in our friendly skies! What a blessing it is to be healthy but then that means I can’t be graced with your presence. So to remedy that, the next time you guys fly into my hub here in Norfolk, please let me know so I can “DRIVE” over to see you with my new eyes! God Bless you, my blue sky Angels! Lovingly, Tina Santee

     Thank You So Much Tina, We miss flying with you and our great conversations… but are so glad you are doing well !  We certainly will let you know next time we are to be in Norfolk…..  We love you and take care,     Captain John and Nevin   (Tell your Son we said Hello !)

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