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On October 22nd 2016 Captain John was awarded the Distinguished Service Award by the OSS Society for his role in “Operation Greenup” …. one of the most successful covert missions of WWII. John flew 39  successful covert OSS missions and 14  bombing missions during his  tour of duty in WWII.         (CLICK HERE) to view video

John was introduced at the William J. Donovan Awards  by Author Patrick K. O’Donnell


Patrick K. O’Donnell
is a combat historian and bestselling author of ten books and more than a dozen films and documentaries spanning the American Revolution to Fallujah.

His book “They Dared Return” was based on “Operation Greenup” one of the most successful (and dangerous) intelligence gathering OSS Missions of WWII.   Captain John Billings piloted the Black B24 that dropped out the agents on that cold winter night deep in the Swiss Alps over enemy territory .


Having barely escaped Germany, several Jewish friends are determined to strike back at the Third Reich while their families languish in concentration camps. After months of training with the U.S. Army, a small group of spies is formed, including several former German soldiers now willing to betray their Fuhrer for the greater good of Germany. The mission’s commander (Frederick Mayer) is a Jewish sergeant who only months earlier was plucked from the streets of Brooklyn. The men are sent on a covert operation deep into the heavily fortified area of Austria’s ”Alpine Redoubt, ” where Hitler planned to make his last stand. Capture meant almost certain death; success, a swift end to the war. Using recently declassified files, private documents, and personal interviews, military historian Patrick K. O’Donnell has written another cinematic World War II drama, filled with an unforgettable cast of characters and packed with action, suspense, and intrigue.

Patrick K. O’Donnell with Captain John
William J. Donovan Awards 



Captain John Billings…. 71 years after Operation Greenup” …. AND…. still Flying    (Holding his Distinguished Service Award)

We dedicate this page in Memory of Fred Mayer…. Lead OSS Agent of Operation Greenup who John gave a one way ride that cold February night in 1945. Due to his Brave Heroic actions, Operation Greenup turned out to be one of the most successful OSS Missions of WWII……  helping in the end to save thousands of lives on both sides.

dscn4186John and Fred, well after the end of WWII ended up becoming and remaining the Best of Friends…..

Frederick Mayer…… We Salute and Honor You

  October 28th 1921-April 15th 2016

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